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west-of-temperance-winery - 2016 Carignane - West of Temperance Winery - Wine
west-of-temperance-winery - 2016 Carignane - West of Temperance Winery - Wine


West of Temperance Winery

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VINTAGE: 2016 

VARIETAL: Carignane

VARIETAL BLEND: 100% Carignane

GRAPE SOURCING: The Poor Ranch, Hopland, Mendocino County, California

Old vine Carignane from The Poor Ranch in Mendocino County, California. An amazing vineyard in one of our favorite vinicultural areas in Northern California...

Drink now or hold.

Decant at least 4 hours prior to serving. This wine needs air and time to really open up. Day 2 in a decanter and this wine really starts to shine. Best served in a Bordeaux style wine glass. An in-house favorite. Open, decant and consume within 48 hours. Enjoy this...we really do.



VINTAGE / VARIETAL: 2016 Carignane

VARIETAL BLEND: 100% Carignane

HARVEST DATE: September 13th, 2016

GRAPE SOURCING: The Poor Ranch, Hopland, Mendocino County, California

VITICULTURAL AREA: Hopland, Mendocino County, California

VINEYARD SITE: The Knoll Vineyard: Heirloom Carignane. Mountain vineyard planted in 1962, 900-foot elevation, 3/4 acre vineyard site. Low yields average of 1.5 tons off the vineyard annually. St. George rootstock, head-trained bush vines, dry-farmed. Certified organic vineyard (CCOF). 

VINEYARD MANAGEMENT: The Poor Ranch, Hopland, Mendocino County, California



BOTTLING DATE: January 29th, 2018

AGEABILITY (estimated): Through 2031

OPTIMAL DRINKING WINDOW (estimated): 2018 to 2027. Drink now through 2027


WINEMAKER’S NOTES: 30% destemmed, 70% whole cluster fermented in 1 ton open-top fermenters. Aged in100% neutral French oak barrels. Extended maceration for 52 days.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Decant at least one or two hours before serving.



↓ Reviews / Customer Tasting Notes ↓

Customer review:

91 POINTS "Vanilla, cranberry, crushed stone. Adds white pepper with air. Balanced, long finish. Needs a bit more time. Now on day three. Drinking phenomenally well. Buy this. "

Wine 1 Percent review July 2020:

"Dark leather cherry licorice flows effortlessly out of the glass. Sweet perfume far deeper than Teen Spirit and less flowery than White Shoulders… somewhere between Jo Malone and Avon Wild Country. Dark cola and a little bretty green fairy tosses twinkle-toes onto the tannins you can SMELL. Rich cherry and rhubarb dress the graininess of the nose–sharp mineral and bruised jalapeno curl the eye-lids.

See, normally I would throw in a paragraph here about how much I adore Carignane, but that is all old news now. At one point the heaviest-planted grape in California–and even France–I am sure there are probably many acres of *filler* left for the valley wines, but it has been reduced to mostly bottles like these: smallish wineries who love it by itself or seeking a geeky revival of historical vines.

When you taste it, all your early California visions come true–without the sweetness common in those wines. Thick rich plum, pomegranate and date explode on a gritty foundation of acid. Literally one of the most balanced versions of this variety I have experienced–and it is a FAVORITE variety and one I grab ALWAYS in a line-up. The dreariness of the classic grape is there, slight subtleties almost alluding to Sierra Foothills in its density and rusticity, but the clarity of fruit and cleanliness of spirit steer you FAR to the opposite side of the valley. Here the coastal influence creeps down into the hot sunny days and the result is magic. Well done. VERY well done."

↑ Reviews / Customer Tasting Notes ↑

↓ Reviews / Customer Tasting Notes ↓

Wine 1 Percent review December 2020:

"I’ve told you how much I love Carignane, right? Oh ya probably far too many times. At one time THE heaviest-planted variety in California (and rumored to also be at one time the heaviest-planted in the South of France and even up into the Rhone) it now enjoys a nice, even-keeled presentation all across California. I say *even-keeled* because it’s not been a cultish revival of heritage grape like Mission or Valdiguie, across my several-decades of wine enjoyment there have ALWAYS been plenty of producers willing to bottle a Carignane–and, kinda like Petite Sirah–I always seek them out. This guy makes several of them, and picking your favorite is, like… well, you know the saying.

Steamy dank in the nose, chubby and ripe, dark fruit rotund and meaty, dangerously dried–nowhere near pruny, but showing a proclivity toward Zinfandel in the bouquet. Still, the thinnish bright grittiness of the mineral and transparent heft shines through, and you’d be a fool to throw in the *over-ripe* towel on this thing.

Tasting it solidifies the latter sentiment. The acid in this thing is biting and sharp, almost over-powering the fruit, and you NEED that extra chunk of concentration to keep up. A lot like PS again, this variety can be made in a multitude of styles: from the thinnish delicious fruity filler it was classically grown for, to thick decadent monsters showcasing old-vine or dry-farmed character. I understand Poor Ranch to be head-trained, dry-farmed, and planted in the 40’s, so here we definitely have the latter. SOOOO clean and nice all across the palate, but it’s not a wine you casually turn your back on. It packs serious concentration beneath the spicy curves, and tannin is a a nutty throb, which–as valiantly as it tries–can never shake the robust fruit.

If you bleed Carignan like I do, check these folks out and order a couple of each. REALLY doing God’s work here."

2016 WEST OF TEMPERANCE Carignane Poor Ranch Mendocino 14.2

↑ Reviews / Customer Tasting Notes ↑

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